Boston International Christian Church

About Boston International Christian Church

Part of the SoldOut Discipling Movement, Boston International Christian Church is non-denominational and part of a family of churches whose members are similarly committed to living in accordance with Jesus’ teachings and example. With an emphasis on following the entire Bible, Boston International Christian Church operates from a revolutionary foundation that people must make the self-actualized decision to enter discipleship and become baptized.

The church has a strong, globally networked community focus and operates MERCY Worldwide as a charity group that is wholly fellowship operated and accomplishes Bible-inspired work locally and around the world. In the humanitarian sphere, disaster relief and emergency preparedness training is provided to vulnerable communities, with underserved populations in Africa and Southeast Asia receiving needed care. One present focus is the Chem MERCY Orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which is being constructed and near completion.

The church emphasizes close personal ties between members that is reinforced through the First Principles studies. This practical study series involves application of the most fundamental Biblical principles, with an equal emphasis on the New and Old Testaments. Members are committed to following the First Principles and learning to teach them to others by personal example.